In the era in which the cooks triumph over TV and there is an inflation of experts in the kitchen, here you are Gustando.net .
If we were to explain or describe ourselves we could say that we want to be a bit of a gastronomic guide, a little compendium for expert cooks, a little recipe book and a little receptacle but above all we want to give you the chance to freely express your opinion on Italian clubs.
We realized that nowadays there are excellent specialized guides where stars, stars, goblets and chef’s hats reign supreme . What we want to differentiate ourselves from is the possibility of reporting negative elements.
This for 2 big reasons:

  • First: avoid surprises to you patrons
  • Second: give a chance for growth to the restaurateur

It is from here that Gustando is born with a completely free philosophy (obviously there will be censorship in the comments that will go beyond the netiquette), just as it is INTERNET