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Grilling Mediterranean Fish

The world is filled with different cuisines, many cuisines are influenced by other cuisines. For example if you take a look at the food of northern areas of pakistan you will find noodles and dumplings that make me astonished because in the South of Pakistan there is no concept of dumplings in everyday food, people may eat them in fancy chinese restaurants once a month but over there it’s their daily food. Similarly, you can find Chinese cuisine in almost every country in the world. They are popular in Asia, Europe, and America even in some African countries. That is what I love about food; it connects different people and community together.

That is why today we discuss a Mediterranean way of grilling fish; I am an Asian but it’s still one of my favourite way to eat gas grilled fish. To prepare this dish you will need to go to a fish market or a supermarket and buy a fresh fish, believe me fresh fish will increase the level of taste by one hundred percent. If fresh fish is not available than you can even buy a store bought fish. Mine personal favourite freshwater fish is trout, its little bit expensive but worth every penny. Get your fish and get it cleaned, keep the head attached, it looks great.

Now once you have bought a fish start to prepare the other ingredients, you will need a large lemon sliced and few wedges of lemon, slices of tomatoes, one sliced onion, two cloves of minced garlic, two tablespoon of butter, a bunch of parsley and thymes and salt and pepper. Take slices of lemon, onions and tomatoes, fill in the stomach of the fish, and season the stomach and the outer body with salt and pepper. Now take few of the thyme and parsley leaves in the stomach. Now on a separate bowl take the butter, add minced garlic, chopped parsley, and mix the mixture. Then take a small amount of the mixture and spread it in the stomach over the veggies.

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Now start your gas grill, first of all check for the gas supply or the gas in the propane tank. Make sure you have enough gas in the tank for the whole procedure, if you are using a supply of a natural gas than there is no need to worry. Then turn the gas knobe and ignite the fire with the help of a lighter. Now clean the grates of the gas grill and spray some of the oil, it wills avoid sticking of the fish. Then, let the grates be warmed enough on a high flame for about ten minutes. Then reduce the heat to medium and place the fish on the gas grill. It will take about ten minutes to cook for each side.

Once a side is done, brush the raw side with the mixture of butter, parsley and garlic and then thoroughly flip it with the help of a metal spatula and brush with the same mixture on the seared side as well. Cook until both sides are not done.

The Benefits of Purchasing a Cold Press Juicer

If you have lived in a modern society and you know the ins and outs of a standard home kitchen, or if you are aware of the latest trends in eating habits, you might have heard of a new term circulating the block recently; cold pressed juices. What are cold pressed juices and why have they been gaining so much importance? How can you make cold pressed juices at home? We hope to answer all these questions and more if you stick with us and read on.

What is cold pressed juice?

Cold pressed juice is juice from fruits and vegetables which is extracted not by spinning them against metal blades but, in light of new advancements, crushing and squeezing them against a metal screw auger (or two, depending on the machinery). It is made by tearing apart the fiber and cells in fruits and vegetables very effectively under high pressure and not relying on heat for juice to be produced. These augers rotate at slow speeds to create the appropriate amount of pressure to crush fruits. The mechanism or process required to extract juice this way is commonly called masticating or slow juicing.

Why is cold pressed juice important?

There are very valid reasons as to why cold press juices have been gaining popularity most-so with health-conscious crowds and there is also extensive research to back this popularity up. It is widely believed that cold pressed juice has better and richer nutritional content than regularly spun juices and it has additionally been proven that it can last longer without going bad.

Furthermore, regular consumers of cold pressed juice also argue that it tastes better than conventionally extracted juices. This special flavor also accounts for the rich and bold color of cold pressed juices. Overall, cold pressed juices are a healthier alternative to fruits as compared to centrifugally made juices. If you can consume all the healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which fruit juices have to offer, then why should you settle for a half-hearted serving of these essential nutrients?

Why should you purchase a cold press juicer?

Cold press juicers have been a blessing to domestic and commercial kitchens as they allow you to juice the right way at home and at your business in a smaller space in appropriately sized batches while also saving up on the cost of regularly purchasing market-sold cold press juices. They take up the same amount of space that a regular centrifugal juicer would and also make lesser noise than one. There are many options available in the market depending upon the size of the juicer you want, the amount of juicing you require, and the features which are essential to your juicing needs. Cold press juicers are designed to ensure that your juice does not start to get oxidized early during the process of juicing and, therefore, you can store it for longer. They also ensure that the juice is packed with nutrients. Investing in a good cold press juicer is by all means a great way to also invest in your health.

Different Types of pressure cookers

Almost all pressure cookers, whether conventional or modern follow the same theory. They increase the internal pressure of the water more than the boiling point. This results in faster and a healthier cooking experience. High-pressure wet steam is the most significant factor for transferring heat to cook the meal effectively and rapidly.

Pressure cookers vary according to its generations, which further divide into subcategories based on their features.

First generation Pressure Cookers

First generation pressure cookers are the old type that operates with a weight-modified valve. The cooker sounds like whistles when the pressure releases through the valve. People find this version of pressure cooker very loud because the pressure of the valve is very high for its extremely narrow exit. It operates similarly like a piston or a steam engine, with the same mechanism. It prevents the cooker from being disturbed once it is under pressure and altering it is only possible once it depressurizes.

The typical first generation pressure cooker only consists of one pressure level while few of the latest models have the provision of modifying the weight of the valve to vary or adjust the temperature.

Second generation Pressure Cookers

Second generation or latest generation pressure cookers are easily distinguishable as they use spring-loaded valves rather than weight-modified valve of the first generation. The spring valve stays invisible from the outlook of the pressure cooker although they can be set to either increase or decrease the pressure limit. One of the newer versions of the pressure cooker depends on a dial that adjusts the pressure through moving it around. The movement of the dial vents the pressure from the cooker while cooking.

You can choose multiple pressure options according to your need, as these cookers operate through a feasible mechanism. Another kind of second-generation pressure cookers prevents steam release and instead uses the indicator operation to show how far the pressure has reached. The cooker releases its steam only once it opens or is left for a longer time on the stove due to its tight sealed quality.

Third generation Pressure Cookers

Third generation pressure cookers come with an electrical source and are known as electric pressure cookers. The electric source is located at the base of the pressure cooker generates pressure. Like other cookers, these too depend on a spring-loaded valve. There are further three generations of electric pressure cookers. The first generation integrates a mechanical timer, while the second has a digital controller and the third one with smart programming.

The heat source generated automatically to maintain the pressure under operation. These pressure cooker provide dual pressure settings, timer control, and an option to keep the food warm. The enhanced technology helps users to figure what is going inside the pressure cooker through the provision of microchips. These microchips are programmable so you can monitor data inside the cooker while the food is cooking. This helps you to adjust pressure according to your requirement.

How to clean your Immersion blender

Immersion blender is a very useful device to have in a kitchen. It can help with so many of your daily blending tasks. It is especially a necessity for those who are a fan of smoothies, milkshakes, soups and sauces. Did you know your immersion blender can even whip cream! Now who wouldn’t want to take care of such a magical device? Once you have bought a high powered quality blender, you will of course want it to serve you for many years before worry of buying a new one. Every product especially electrical appliances need good treatment to stay alive and fully functional longer. However, no need to worry because immersion blenders are known for their convenience in cleaning. Here are some steps you need to follow in order to clean your blender:

  1.   Before beginning to clean, remember to unplug the device to eliminate the risks of an electric shock.
  2.   Remove the shaft from the motor unit. Almost every immersion blender comes with a detachable shaft. Remover the shaft and wash it with regular dish-wash soap and water.
  3.   If the shaft of your immersion blender along with the mixing bowl is dishwasher safe, your job is particularly easy. You just need to remove all attachments and put them in the dishwasher. If, however, the instruction manual does not say it is dishwasher safe, do not put it in the dishwasher because it will weaken the blades.
  4.   If the shaft has dried food stuck to it, attach it with the motor unit and plug it in. Fill a bowl with hot water and mixed with some dish-wash soap. Immerse your blender in the bowl and turn it on. Blend till the food stain is removed. Turn the bender off and remove the shaft. Rinse it with water.
  5.   Remember not to use pointed or rough objects to clean the Immersion blender.
  6.   Try to clean the blender as soon as possible to avoid food from drying on it and making the cleaning process longer and more tedious.
  7.   Do not, in any case, immerse the motor unit in water. If it has food stains, wipe them with a damp cloth and then wipe the whole unit with a dry cloth.
  8.   After you have cleaned it, dry the attachment completely before storing it away.
  9.   Once the attachment is dry, attach it back to the motor unit and store it in a clean, dry, easily accessible place in your kitchen. it is a good practice to store the immersion blender with the shaft attached in place to prevent any of its units from being lost. Kitchenaid immersion blender comes with a storage case to keep all the parts organized and well preserved. You can find top brands immersion blender reviews online to learn all in detail specification of blender.

With proper immersion ling and proper cleaning, quality immersion blenders will serve you for years. When you have spent good money on a high quality blender from a reputable blender, you do not want to spend the same amount of money again and again and you don’t have to. Good care is the key!

Top 2 Breville Food Processors to buy in 2018

Food processors have proved to be a very useful invention and since their introduction in the cooking business, they have gained more and more popularity because of their versatility, convenience and affordability. Many types are available in the market but you have to be careful in your selection so that you can bring home something that will be worth its price. Brevile is a known manufacturer for kitchen appliances and was founded in 1932 in Australia. It brought the first food processor into the market of Australia in 1977 and has since then been improving the design and bringing different types of food processors to suit the need of every cook. Here are the two top ones by best breville food processor reviews for you to choose from:

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor

  • This food processor includes a large 16 cups work bowl to process food for a large family and a smaller 2.5 cups bowl for making sauces, dressings, mincing garlic and more.
  • It includes 5 discs and 3 blades to carry out a variety of different tasks with perfection. All these discs and blades are kept safe inside a storage case.
  • The slicing disc can be adjusted to 25 different thickness settings. Additionally, the appliance includes discs for julienne cut, French fry cut, whisking and shredding.
  • The blades include a dough blade, a multi-purpose blade for the 16 cups bowl and a blade for the 2.5 cups bowl.
  • The large feed chute on the lid has large and small food pushers to handle all the different sizes of fruits and vegetables.
  • The control panel features an LCD display with count-up and count-down timer.

Breville BFP660SIL 12 Cup Food Processor

  • Its work bowl is made with BPA-free plastic and features a 12 cups capacity which is sufficient for preparing food for a medium sized family.
  • Although the appliance is compact, it gives a strong performance with its 1000 watts strong induction motor.
  • The feed chute is 5 inches wide to accommodate even larger fruits and vegetables without cutting them.
  • Along with the multi-purpose blade, the product also features a dough blade, an adjustable slicing disc with 24 settings and a reversible shredding disc.
  • Variable speed setting allows you to get perfect results for most of the tasks. This food processor can also be used for commercial purpose too because of it’s high speed and multi features. There is also a pulse option if a recipe calls for precise results.