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The Benefits of Purchasing a Cold Press Juicer

If you have lived in a modern society and you know the ins and outs of a standard home kitchen, or if you are aware of the latest trends in eating habits, you might have heard of a new term circulating the block recently; cold pressed juices. What are cold pressed juices and why have they been gaining so much importance? How can you make cold pressed juices at home? We hope to answer all these questions and more if you stick with us and read on.

What is cold pressed juice?

Cold pressed juice is juice from fruits and vegetables which is extracted not by spinning them against metal blades but, in light of new advancements, crushing and squeezing them against a metal screw auger (or two, depending on the machinery). It is made by tearing apart the fiber and cells in fruits and vegetables very effectively under high pressure and not relying on heat for juice to be produced. These augers rotate at slow speeds to create the appropriate amount of pressure to crush fruits. The mechanism or process required to extract juice this way is commonly called masticating or slow juicing.

Why is cold pressed juice important?

There are very valid reasons as to why cold press juices have been gaining popularity most-so with health-conscious crowds and there is also extensive research to back this popularity up. It is widely believed that cold pressed juice has better and richer nutritional content than regularly spun juices and it has additionally been proven that it can last longer without going bad.

Furthermore, regular consumers of cold pressed juice also argue that it tastes better than conventionally extracted juices. This special flavor also accounts for the rich and bold color of cold pressed juices. Overall, cold pressed juices are a healthier alternative to fruits as compared to centrifugally made juices. If you can consume all the healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which fruit juices have to offer, then why should you settle for a half-hearted serving of these essential nutrients?

Why should you purchase a cold press juicer?

Cold press juicers have been a blessing to domestic and commercial kitchens as they allow you to juice the right way at home and at your business in a smaller space in appropriately sized batches while also saving up on the cost of regularly purchasing market-sold cold press juices. They take up the same amount of space that a regular centrifugal juicer would and also make lesser noise than one. There are many options available in the market depending upon the size of the juicer you want, the amount of juicing you require, and the features which are essential to your juicing needs. Cold press juicers are designed to ensure that your juice does not start to get oxidized early during the process of juicing and, therefore, you can store it for longer. They also ensure that the juice is packed with nutrients. Investing in a good cold press juicer is by all means a great way to also invest in your health.